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Verse – Bitter Clarity Uncommon Grace (2012)

Posted in -Hardcore Metal, Verse on 13 junio, 2012 by sonidoszero

Retorno de este grupo de Providence, USA. Vuelven con su Hardcore a lo Will Haven y que en nuestro país tiene  muy buenas bandas que tienen ese sonido, como En Mi Defensa y Contra Todos Mis Miedos.


01. The Selfish Of The Earth
02. The Selfless Of The Earth
03. The Silver Spoon And The Empty Plate
04. Setting Fire To The Bridges We Cross
05. Segue One
06. You And I Are The Fortunate Ones
07. The End Of All Light
08. The Relevance Of Our Disconnect
09. Segue Two
10. Oceanic Tendencies
11. Finding A Way Out When There Is No Way
12. Segue Three
13. The End Of All Life


Verse – From Anger and Rage (2004)

Posted in -Hardcore Metal, Verse on 28 abril, 2012 by sonidoszero

Segundo LP de este grupo originario de Rhode Island.


1. Weather to Stone
2. Hard to Breathe
3. Star A Fire
4. Standing In The Ashes
5. From Anger And Rage
6. We Were Here
7. Consume
8. Lost
9. No Rest In Leavenworth
10. Stolen
11. Follow Conform Repeat