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Danny Diablo Vs. The Vendetta – When Worlds Collide (2008)

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Que disco más la zorra, no tengo idea porque no lo habíamos posteado, pero aquí está para quienes aún no lo conocen.
01. We’ll Never Fall feat Vinnie D.
02. Never Satisfied feat Ceekay Jones and Mike L.
03. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun (RMX) feat Mike L.
04. NWO feat Roger Miret
05. Skit Puerto Rican Myke
06. 2 In Your Fitted feat Touch DMS and Puerto Rican Myke
07. Mechanix (RMX) feat Necro, Skinhead Rob, Prince Metropolitan and DJ Stress
08. Snow White feat Skam Dust and Ceekay Jones
09. Storm Clouds feat Vinnie D.
10. Ready 4 War (RMX) feat Underground Professionalz
11. Skit Lord Ezec
12. Never Satisfied (RMX) feat Hitfarmers 
13. Bonus Track
14. Bonus Track

The Vendetta – Blood Calls 2 Blood (2010)

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Tremendo álbum de HC/Rap.
01. Sick Life
02. Bitchin N Snitchin
03. The Price Of Silence feat G Fella
04. Blood Calls 2 Blood
05. Killer Collage feat Ill Bill, Q Unique, Mr. Hyde & DJ Eclypse (Remix)
06. Dream Killah feat Danny Diablo (Lord Ezec, Skarhead)
07. Closer to Hell feat Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed, Kingdoom Of Sorrow, Jasta), Volkan T, Devil Inside & Jaylan (Remix)
08. G Fella Skit feat G Fella
09. Shyne On feat Hot Boyz (Remix)
10. Amerikan G feat Public Enemy (Remix)
11. Too Many Rappers feat Beastie Boys & Nas (Remix)
12. Let’s Start A War feat Jorge (Merauder)
13. Testin’ My Patience feat Lost Fam
14. Divine Warriors feat Riviera Regime & Chaotic Temple