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The Destro – As The Coil Unwinds (2007)

Posted in -Death Metal, -Hardcore Metal, -Southern Metal, -Thrash Metal, The Destro on 31 julio, 2010 by sonidoszero

Banda de Dallas, Texas que toca un Death/HxC/Thrash Metal con elementos de Southern y Groove.

01. Intro
02. Rivers Bottom
03. Beast Burden
04. The Offering
05. Knife In Hand
06. As The Coil Unwind Descargar
07. Bridges Will Burn
08. Structures Collapse
09. Stained Glass
10. Sever The Ties
11. Forever Embedded

The Destro – Harmony Of Discord (2009)

Posted in -Death Metal, -Groove Metal, -Hardcore Metal, -Southern Metal, -Thrash Metal, The Destro on 25 junio, 2010 by sonidoszero

Muy buen disco de esta gran banda.

01. Justifiers Of Malice
02. Thorns Of Truth
03. Pestilence Of Deceit
04. Angel Killer
05. Mouth Of The Heretic
06. Persistence Of Ignorance
07. Dead Eyes Divide
08. Overcome (The Flame)
09. Face Down In Regret