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Taco & Da Mofos – Discografía ♥

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Genre: Reggae Rock/Rapcore/Reggae/Hip Hop/Rap Rock
Country: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Active: 2000-2010
Label: Indie
Line Up
Taco: vocals, guitars
Keela: vocals, keyboards
Charlie Mofo: guitar, background vocals
Shannon da Mofo: drums
Citizin Flip: sampler, turntables

The party all started in Late 1998. Taco picked up a guitar without any prior knowledge of how to play. His style occurred naturally and began writing his infamous “funny” songs. He began showing up at parties or anywhere where there was a crowd and would play til the early morning. A buzz was created in Jackson, Tennessee and Taco began to play acoustic shows at various venues like resturants, bars, and such. People began to encourage Taco to make a cd and in March 1999, the now classic Taco acoustic album “Last Stand at 684”, was recorded. The process was simple, run a mic through a karaoke machine and record. With the success of the acoustic album Taco decided to form a band. With Taco at the healm, the band unwittingly created a style unlike anything you’ve heard. With influences from rock, rap, and reggae and an energetic live show, earned Taco & Da Mofo’s the title of “Your Good Time Band”. From this point to the present, the band may have changed members, but has never been tighter. Taco humbly began making a crowd laugh and have a good time. Now a full out urban assualt on the music biz has begun; everyone will soon know the full extent of Da Mofo’s. Taco & Da Mofo’s have played shows all across Tennessee since 2000. Now the band is more mature and understands what it takes to make good music and be sucessful in life. The band now consists of Robert Moore aka Taco, Chris” Keela” Case, Shane Boggy, Charlie Eaves, and Shannon Harris. Taco & Da Mofo’s entered the studio late 2005 with the mission to produce their most ambitious music yet. Working with producer Skid Mills (ZZ Top, Saliva, Hole, Robert Cray, 3 Doors Down, and many others) is a dream come true. The future of the band is limitless. Currently Da Mofo’s are playing shows and once more building a grassroots following. Taco & Da Mofo’s continue to spread the good vibes one fan at a time…


Late Nite Bump Stars (2006)

Mp3@CBR 320[kbps]OriginalCDRip || 163.1 MB

1. Panty Dropper
2. Rise Above
3. Drink Or 2
4. Welcome
5. Late Nite Bump Stars
6. Showtime
7. Habanero
8. What’s My Damn Name (feat. Muck Sticky)
9. Love Triangle
10. Party People
11. Won’t Leave Me Alone
12. Yurkin’
13. Gaaah
14. Wanna Be Down
15. Jacked Up Camero
16. Tsunami
17. All Blue
18. Twenties
19. Hetero
20. It’s Not Over


Bud, Sweat & Beers (2007)

Mp3@VBR[kbps] || 93.2 MB

1. Gimme Gimme
2. Chill Right Now
3. Get Hype
4. Tonite’s Da Nite
5. Sun Came Up (Ft. Lil Wyte & Muck Sticky)
6. N Da Mood
7. Da Spot
8. Reggae Persuasion
9. Bud, Sweat & Beers
10. Fresh 2 Def
11. Yurkin’
12. Fire Is Da Flava
13. Mexican Hat Dance
14. Gitwiddit
15. Feelin’ Her
16. Face Down
17. Live It Up
Bonus Tracks:
18. Beaches
19. Drank-N-Hand
20. Kanishiwa How Many Times
21. Everybody Knows


Bump Star Revolution (2009) ♥♥♥

Mp3@VBR [kbps] || 88.5 MB

1. Bars-N-Poles (feat. Lil Wyte)
2. Tequila Salt ♥
3. It’s Becuz
4. Cool Things
5. Voicemail Fetish
6. Daytime Dreaming
7. Whatever You Like
8. Check Ya Later
9. Free Yourself
10. Get Ur $ Up
11. Gone 2 Long
12. A Moment (feat. Maestro)
13. Hater Mask ♥
14. All I Ever Wanted
15. Threw It Down
16. Rocket Ship


Greatest Hits & Misses (2010)

Mp3@VBR [kbps] || 54.6 MB

1. Miracle Whip
2. Chips And Dip
3. Talkin’ Bout
4. Shake It
5. Parkin’ Lot Pimpin’
6. Take It Easy
7. Big Pimpin’ [Jay Z cover]
8. Remix To Ignition [R. Kelly cover]
9. Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) [Three 6 Mafia cover]
10. Day And Night [Kid Cudi cover]
11. Yeah [Usher cover]
12. Get Low [Lil’ Jon cover]