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Knuckledust/Stampin’ Ground – The Darkside vs The East Side Split (1999)

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Tremenda colaboración entre estas dos agrupaciones inglesas. Son dos temas de cada banda más uno que grabaron juntos y no s otro que un cover al clásico del NYHC, United Blood. Una joya este split.


01. Stampin’ Ground – Pain Is Weakness (Leaving The Body)

02. Stampin’ Ground – As One/Never Forget

03. Knuckledust – Hope of Realisation

04. Knuckledust – Won’t Be Denied

05. Stampin’ Ground y Knuckledust – United Blood (Agnostic Front Cover)




Stampin’ Ground- Carved From Empty Words- (2000).

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Banda inglesa underground de hardcore groove metal que en su época eran de los bestias muy bueno..adelante!


1- Officer Down.
2- Outside Looking In.
3- Symmetry Of Hatred.
4- Bathe My Wounds.
5- everybody Owns A Death.
6- Fundamental Truth.
7- By Whatever Means Necessary.
8- Nothing Changes Nothing.
9- Mid- Death Crisis.
10- Ultimatum