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Sadism – Tribulated Bells (1992)

Posted in +Chile, -Death Metal, -Thrash Metal, Sadism on 15 septiembre, 2010 by sonidoszero

Otra gran banda nacional de fines de los 80, tocan ese Thrash/Death a toda raja que solo se da en nuestras tierras.

01. Intro
02. Tribulated Bells
03. Transcanalizated
04. Days of Tribulation
05. Trascending to the Immortal Life
06. Into the Covenant
07. Burning Inside
08. Like a Sacrilege
09. Perdition of Souls
10. From the Perpetual Dark
11. When the Evil Dominated Our Souls
12. Inhumation
13. Dark Side
14. Transcanalized (Live)
15. Perdition of Souls (Live)