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Chi Cheng – The Bamboo Parachute (2000)

Posted in -Poesy, Chi Cheng, Deftones on 15 octubre, 2010 by sonidoszero

Mp3@CBR 128[kbps]  ||  37.6 MB
Este es el proyecto solista de Chi Cheng donde no hay musica sino poesia
tiene varios versos todos en ingles ovio pero le dan su corte xd
1. The Man Who Made October
2. The Receiving Line
3. Goin’ South
4. The Bitter Angels
5. Beautiful
6. Witness
7. Whiter Than God
8. It Would Be Good…
9. Don Pablos
10. What Kind Of Person Could Do That?
11. The Inside of my Pocket Knife
12. The Small Black Box
13. The Host Animal
14. My Life On A Swing
15. On Tour Car
16. Something’s Better Left Unsaid
17. A Light Blue Afterthought
18. Blow The Whistle
19. You Make A Good Robot
20. Manzanita (for Gary Snider)
21. Do You Have Enough Stories
22. Sometimes Long Lines Work
23. The Halatosis Poets
24. Braces
25. The Protien Of An Ant
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