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Blinded/Denial – Split (2016)

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Hardcore Metal moderno desde Melbourne, Australia.



01. Denial – Grave Of Compassion
02. Denial – Rage & Hate
03. Blinded – In Your Hell
04. Blinded – Cower



Eternidad – Menguar (2016)

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Banda Hardcore/Metalcore desde Mérida, México.


01. Intro

02. Falsedades

03. Apasionados

04. Dimas

05. Libertad (Fuerza de Voluntad)


Vision Of Disorder – Razed To The Ground (2015)

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El nuevo lanzamiento de esta legendaria agrupación.


01. Heart Of Darkness
02. Hours In Chaos
03. Electric Sky
04. Razed To The Ground
05. The Craving
06. Cut My Teeth
07. Red On The Walls
08. Nightcrawler
09. Severed Wing
10. Amurdica: A Culture Of Violence


Shores Of Attica – Transitions (2012)

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Banda de Escocia que nos envío su más reciente álbum, lanzado a fines del 2012 y titulado “Transitions”. Su sonido varía entre el Metalcore y el Deathcore, con guitarras técnicas y otros sonidos que me recordaron particularmente a dos bandas, Emmure y Gizmachi. Para más info visita su FacebookPage.


01. Taken
02. Deal With The Repercussions
03. Amen
04. Lost
05. Transitions
06. Respect Can’t Be Bought
07. See The Divide
08. Changes



Davidian- Our Fear Is Their Force- (2012).

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Espectacular banda alemana con una mezcla bien movida de death, thrash y metalcore bien pesado!


1- F.S.O.
2- Behind An Angelic Smile.
3- Man Made Hell.
4- Desperate Cries.
5- Shattered Illusions.
6- Fake Society.
7- Vicious Circle.
8- Contricted Vision.
9- Inner Turmoil.
10- Breeding Insecurity.
11- Freedom Of Choice.

Seeds Of Hate – Dead Means Nothing (2011)

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Banda que me envió su material, son de Navarra, España y tocan un Metalcore no maricon.
01. Take This Life
02. Breaking Away From Me
03. Today And Never
04. Death’s Padawan
05. Tetsuo
06. Safe From What I’ve Done
07. The Seeker Of Darkness
08. Where Is Your God
09. When Night Falls
10. Inside, A Feeling
11. Seeds Of Hate

From Dark – The Answer To Infection (2007)

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País: USA
Alternative Metal/Nu Metal/Metalcore
Tamaño: 69.77 MB
Calidad: 280 Kbps


01. Answer To Infection
02. Blowtorch And A Pair Of Pliers
03. The Damned
04. A Final Farewell
05. Maleficient
06. Haunting Eyes
07. Through Silence Lies, Fear
08. Departed
09. Civilization Lost
10. A Walk Through Madness