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Malevolent Creation – Stillborn (1993)

Posted in -Death Metal, Malevolent Creation on 9 mayo, 2011 by sonidoszero
Muy buen álbum de este grupo de Death Metal vieja escuela.
01. Dominated Resurgency
02. The Way Of All Flesh
03. Dominion Of Terror
04. Geared For Gain
05. Stillborn
06. Ordain the Hierarchy
07. Carnivorous Misgivings
08. Genetic Affliction
09. Ethnic Cleansing
10. Disciple Of Abhorrence

Malevolent Creation – The Ten Comandments (1991)

Posted in -Death Metal, Malevolent Creation on 6 mayo, 2011 by sonidoszero
Tremendo disco de Death Metal clásico con toques Thrash. Bien elaborado y con letras filetes, de crítica a la sociedad de ese entonces.
01. Memorial Arrangements 
02. Premature Burial
03. Remnants of Withered Decay 
04. Multiple Stab Wounds  
05. Impaled Existence
06. Thou Shall Kill! 
07. Sacrificial Annihilation  
08. Decadence Within  
09. Injected Sufferage 
10. Malevolent Creation