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K.A.S.K. – Brutal Abstraction EP (2011)

Posted in -Death Metal, -Hardcore Metal, K.A.S.K. on 3 septiembre, 2011 by sonidoszero
Banda polaca de Death/Hardcore Metal que me envío su Ep para que apareciera en SonidosZero.
“K.A.S.K. was formed in 2006 in Krasnystaw. The beginnings were hard because of rotations in the line-up, hardware problems, etc. The most serious crisis came in 2007 when there were the next problems with the members, and the band practically did not exist these days. In 2008 K.A.S.K. returned in the new line-up and recorded first demo entitled “Cactus Core”-which consisted of four song: “Everytime I Die” (played by the band even today), “Why?” “My Last Word” and “Where Is God?”. At the end of the year K.A.S.K. changed the drummer, so joined a new member: Andrew “Satas” Stepniak. The period 2009-2010 proceed mainly on systematic concerts (including a mini-tour with Deathbringer, Reality In Pain & ADHD), a new acquisition in the team – bassist (Kwiecio) and stylistic transformation towards brutal death metal / deathcore. Year 2011 brings the release of the first EP “Brutal Abstraction”, which was promoted on “Spring Defloration Tour”. It contains a 5 tracks of death metal/hardcore in vein Heaven Shall Burn, Job For A Cowboy, Carnifex, All Shall Perish. Current members are: “Kelso” – Kamil Michalak (guitar), “Wafel” – Sebastian Witkowski (vocals), Andrew “Satas” Stepniak (drums), Marcin “Kwiecio” Kwiecinski (bass) and Peter “Peter” Sulej (guitar). The team supports the ideas of anti-fascism, humanism, vegetarianism and individual freedom.”

01. Awake from Unconsciousness
02. Empty Thoughts
03. Salvation’s Spinning In the Grave
04. Brutal Abstraction
05. Slave’s Anathomy
06. The Rest Is Silence
07. Falsephobia