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Freedom For King Kong – Discografía

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Genre: Alternative Metal/Ragga-Metal/Rapcore/Dub/Fusion
Country: Lorient, France
Active: 1994-2007
Label: Stern/Sony BMG
Line Up
*Bring’s (vocals)
*Ben (drums)
*Bubu (bass)
*Djey (guitars)
*Ton’s (synths/keyboard)

Freedom For King Kong is a fusion band, formed in 1994 in Lorient, France. The band members are African born Bring’s (vocals), Ton (keyboards), Bubu and Ben (drums-Percussion) and Djey (guitars). The bands music is often similar to fellow French fusion artists Dirty District and Lofofora, but the band also draw influences from various other bands such as Skindred, Public Enemy, Suicidal Tendencies and Dub War. The band first released their self-titled debut demo and later released the follow-up the very eclectic Citoyens du monde in 1997. The music was strongly influenced by reggae and ragga. The follow up album, Primate Diplomate, featured more experimentation into Rap and Punk rock, but remained true to the band’s reggae roots. During this time, The band was growing in popularity throughout France and they later released the albums Marche Ou Rêve, the slower Issue de ce corps (which features additional experimentations with Theremins), and a bizarre dancehall/Ragga version of Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass”, which is totally unlike the original. The band have recently stated that they are going on a permanent hiatus and have released a DVD entitled ’10 Ans De Goril’ Music’ (Ten Years Of Goril’ Music) which is available from their website.

Citoyens Du Monde (1999)


1. Me me, me me, me me, 1er
2. Cekikontatou
3. Mauvais zélé ment
4. Donne de la voix
5. Babylone
6. Souriez
7. Serial looser
8. Les pensers
9. Me me, me me, me me, 2ème
10. Révolution
11. La boucle
12. Afrique ma mère
13. H
14. Rackam (le raide)
15. L’impasse
16. Me me, me me, me me, 3ème


Primate, Diplomate (2001)


1. Un Mec qu’Aime Bien ça ?
2. Chaos
3. Les Etiquettes
4. Comme un Fou
5. 100%
6. Rencontre
7. Deo Miso
8. A.K.A
9. Phenix
10. La Cour des Miracles
11. Boite de Nuit Story
12. J’Aurais Voulu
13. Jamais Politiquement Correct
14. Um-Um


Marche Ou Rêve (2003)

1. Marche ou Rêve
2. Syndrome de Peter Pan
3. Sodocratie
4. Les Marionnettistes
5. Phénoméne
6. Amour Propre
7. Gun Tune
8. Primatologie
9. Modern Faust
10. Des Plumes
11. Le Figurant


Issue de ce corps (2006)

1. A Fleur de Peau
2. Si Nike et Sans Complexe
3. Acolytes Anonymes
4. L’effet Néant
5. Issue de ce Corps
6. Le Garçon
7. Heart of Glass
8. Marchand de Fables
9. Enfance Sold-Out
10. Des Mots
11. J’Accuse (Aliéné)


LA DER’ Live Au Manège (2008)

1. Acolyte Anonyme
2. Le Syndrôme de Peter Pan
3. Les pensers
4. 100%
5. A Fleur de Peau
6. Rencontre / Primatologie
7. Babylone
8. Phénomène
9. Les Etiquettes
10. Révolution
11. Si Nike et Sans Complexe / Sodocratie
12. Marche ou Rêve
13. Souriez