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Dirty Wormz – The Infektion (2002)

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Buen álbum de estos Rapcores.

01. The Infektion (Intro)
02. Turn It Up feat Valleto
03. Wig on the Pig feat Mr.Dizz
04. Two Inch Reel Killa
05. Top of the Food Chain feat Pushmonkey, Overlord & Valleto
06. Tha Fire
07. DWZ Message (Skit)
08. Greazy
09. Impossible
10. Wotp FM (Skit)
11. Wuz Up
12. Talkin’ To My 40 Oz
13. Not Today feat A.J.
14. Dangerouz
15. Waay Foul Radio feat Mr.Dizz & Jade

diRTy WoRMz – The Parazite (2006)

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Genre: Hip Hop/Rap/Metal
Country: Austin, Texas, USA
Label: Resurrection & VMG Records
Years Active: 2001 – Present
Line Up
Current Members
*Jax – Guitar
*Smackola – Vox
*Dirty D – Bass
*DOK – Appear/Vox
*SWift – Drums
*DJ CraSH – DJ
*The Infektion (2002)
*The Re-Infektion [Mixxxtape] (2005)
*The Parazite (2006) [+HQ]
*The Mass Metal MixSlaughter (2010)
diRTy WoRMz were formulated, plotted and instigated in the year 2001. The band was the brainchild of Smackola and DJ Crash, hip hop artists who wanted to rock harder and louder than anything Austin, TX had ever seen. The legend began with the release of the first diRTy WORMz CD, The Infektion. Featuring an all star lineup from the local rock and hip hop communities, The Infektion was a regional best seller for years to come.

diRTy WoRMz quickly evolved into one of the most devastating live acts in Texas, leaving scores of scorched musicians in their wake. dWz was voted Austin’s Best Hip Hop act two years running, won Best Urban Video for their cover of Run-DMC’s “Here We Go”, and the single “Top Of The Food Chain” was the year’s top local request on Austin’s 101X.

After mashing up and WoRMin’ out the hip hop hits on The diRTy WoRMz MixXxTape, and recording the story on the DVDs The Epidemik and Tha Epidemik Viral Download One, diRTy WoRMz stands alone with their 2006 release, The Parazite. The new CD is the latest refinement of the WoRMz sound: Rap, Rock, Hip Hop like you’ve never heard before.


CBR@320[kbps]OriginalCDRip || Covers || 112.2 MB

1. The Invazion
2. Dirty Weather
3. Right Now
4. Big Bad Azz
5. We Got Yo’ Kidz
6. Legion of Doom
7. Multiple Stab Woundz
8. Full Clipz
9. The Hate (That Hate Made)
10. Tranzformation #13
11. Black Piranha
12. Live Wire
13. Information Iz Power
14. Parazite