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Death Before Dishonor – Break Through It All EP (2007)

Posted in -Hardcore Metal, Death Before Dishonor on 19 enero, 2012 by sonidoszero
Buen Ep de esta gran banda que es a toda raja. Tres temazos.
01. Count Me In
02. Break Through It All
03. Boston Belongs To Me

Death Before Dishonor – Better Ways To Die (2009)

Posted in -Hardcore Metal, Death Before Dishonor on 11 enero, 2012 by sonidoszero
Otro discazo de los oriundos de Boston.
01. Peace And Quiet
02. Remenber
03. Coffin Nail
04. Fuck This Year
05. Boys In Blue
06. Better Ways To Die
07. So Far From Home
08. Black Cloud
09. No More Lies
10. Bloodlust
11. Our Glory Days

Death Before Dishonor – Wartime EP (2002)

Posted in -Hardcore Metal, Death Before Dishonor on 3 enero, 2012 by sonidoszero
Ep la raja.
01. Seven
02. Path Of Destruction
03. Condemned
04. Wartime

Death Before Dishonor – Friends Family Forever (2005)

Posted in -Hardcore Metal, Death Before Dishonor on 28 diciembre, 2011 by sonidoszero
Que disco más la raja man! Esta es la edición especial con unos bonus track en el mítico CBGB de New York.
01. Born From Misery
02. Endless Suffering
03. By My Side
04. Never Again
05. Walk Away
06. Dying Inside
07. Curl Up An Die
08. Game’s Over
09. Dead To Me
10. 6.6.6. (Friends Family Forever)
11. Born From Misery (Live CBGB)
12. Curl Up And Die (Live CBGB)
13. 6.6.6. (Friends Family Forever)(Live CBGB)
14. Endless Suffering (Live CBGB)
15. Never Again (Live CBGB)
16. True Til Death (Live CBGB)

Death Before Dishonor – True Till Death (2003)

Posted in -Hardcore Metal, Death Before Dishonor on 28 julio, 2011 by sonidoszero
Banda que pensé que ya estaba posteada, pero no. Acá les dejo uno de sus buenos discos.
01. Intro
02. True Till Death
03. Nowhere Bound
04. Another Day
05. Time To Die
06. Torn Apart
07. Seven
08. Forever Alone
09. Hopeless
10. Bonus Track