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Genre: Hardcore/Rap/Rap Metal
Country: New Haven, Connecticut, USA


unreleased material & are back in the studio recording their most important junior LP CD w/ long time friend & producer Enoch Jensen, @ East Lake Recording Studio’s in MA. Dead By Wednesday are focused on making “their” Master of Puppets. Be on the look out for new teaser tracks, release date, and what’s to come next!

*For fans of DBW, Sepultura, Slayer, System of a Down, Slipknot, Pantera, Dead Kennedy’s, Bad Brains, ICP, RATM, Hatebreed, Suicidal T, Classic Metallica, Bio-Hazard, VOD, DRI, SOD, thrash, & just GOOD MUSIC!!!


“Dead By Wednesday is a band that holds the future of hardcore metal in the palm of their hands” – Paul Gargano (Metal Edge Magazine)

“DBW has a new & total original sound that’s guaranteed to set the world a blaze!” — Marc Rizzo (guitarist of SOULFLY/Calvera Conspiricy/x-ILL Nino)

“Heavy, thrashing and hardcore. Perfect!” — David Ellefson (bassist of MEGADETH)

“A metal mosh massacre fueled by shredding guitars, double bass, catchy melodies & lyrics that actually make you think.” — Beattie (bassist of HATEBREED)

” Whhoooaa! The Killing Project does just that! It kills!!” — Mike Haze (DJ @ the Lazer, 99.3FM.)

DEAD BY WEDNESDAY is Proudly Sponsored by:
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Line Up

*Ceschi Ramos – Vox
*Opus – Drums
*Mike Modeste – Bass
*Ross Ragusa – Guitar
*Joey Morbidelli – Vox / Screams

New Haven, CTs Dead By Wednesday (DBW) which features ex-founding members of the former underground band Gargantua Soul (Woodstock 99 veterans whose success yielded thousands of CDs sold independently as well as earning commercial radio support). Blurring the lines between metal, hardcore, punk, and hip-hop, DBW sets a standard for originality and integrity in todays music. Laying the foundation for future success with their highly anticipated debut CD release Democracy is Dead (Stillborn Records/Mindsnap Music), Dead By Wednesday begins on their path to establishing themselves as a major contender and staple of the metal music scene. You may think you understand. But you dont. While Dead By Wednesday is still be lurking in the shadows of the commercial mainstream.

Democracy Is Dead (2005)

Mp3@~220[kbps]-V0-OriginalCDRip || 54.8 MB
El mejor disco de estos wns
Sin duda asi con la wea


1. Resist
2. My voice
3. Deprogram
4. Enemigo
5. Therefore, is he a terrorist?
6. Democracy is dead
7. Kill yourself
8. Yesterdays
9. Over the edge
10. Revolutionary
11. Refuse to suffer
12. Dead by wednesday



The Killing Proyect (2008)

Mp3@~244[kbps]-V0-OriginalCDRip || 61.8 MB
Wen disco solo eso


01. Pawns ( 3:39)
02. The Killing Project ( 3:21)
03. Liberty ( 2:23)
04. Chosen ( 4:26)
05. Violent Tradition ( 2:49)
06. Declaration Of Inhumanity ( 4:28)
07. Another Word ( 3:44)
08. Break The Walls ( 2:48)
09. Part Of Me ( 3:07)
10. Society’s Blood ( 2:55)
11. Restitution ( 2:53)
12. Araroba (Death Of The Cure) ( 0:37)
13. Fractured ( 3:49)