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Protobitch – Experimentos Extraterrestres (2011)

Posted in -Cybergrind, -Grindcore, Protobitch on 13 octubre, 2011 by sonidoszero
No me gusta el cybergrind, pero estos mexicanos nos mandaron el disco así que acá se los dejo gente.
01. Vaginal Experiments
02. Fluidos Alienigenas
03. Nuclear Reactor (Nano Cum)
04. Cock Teletransportation

Amphibian – Poisonous Pleasures (2011)

Posted in -Cybergrind, -Grindcore, Amphibian on 13 septiembre, 2011 by sonidoszero


1. Submerged in Corporal Fluids of a Frog
2. Greenish and Disgusting Big Frogs
3. Dildo Frog
4. Drowned in Shit Swamp
5. Toads Inside your Ass
6. Caninus Cunnilingus (Sperm Swamp Cover)
7. Amphibians killing Stupid Humans
8. All the shit of Amphibian for you
9. The Fetish Frog Squad
10. Animal Depravation
11. Eat Poisonous Toads
12. The Anal Zophilia Taste