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Criminal Element- Guilty As We Charged- (2008).

Posted in -Death Metal, -Grindcore, -Hardcore, Criminal Elemen on 22 marzo, 2012 by sonidoszero
Buenisimo banda death metal americano con toques grind y actitud hardcoriana..brutal..con componentes de suffocation y dying fetus..


1- Blood Money.
2- Shots Fired.
3- Snitch Bitch Homicide.
4- Smash And Grab.
5- Unjust Incarceration.
6- Murder One.
7- Guilty As Charged.
8- Future Felon.
9- Habitual Offender.
10- Suicide By Cop.
11- Pounding Metal. (Exciter cover).
12- Angry Neurotic Catholic. (Carnivore cover).