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Immolation- Close To A World Below- (2000).

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De las mejores bandas de deathmetal técnico, oscuro y brutal.


1- Higher Coward.
2- Father, You’re Not A Father.
3- Furthest From The Truth.
4- Fall From A High Place.
5- Unpardonable Sin.
6- Lost Passion.
7- Put My Hand In the Fire.
8- Close To A World Below.

Blood Red Throne- Brutalitarian Regime- (2011).

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Discazo para salir a la calle y destripar gente indeseada jajaja. muy buen disco de estos noruegos que cada año que pasa mejora su death metal oscuro y enfermizo con algunos toques de thrash! obligatorio!


1- Brutalitarian Regime.
2- Graveworld.
3- Trapped, Terrified, Dead.
4- Eternal Decay.
5- Games Of Humiliation.
6- The Burning.
7- Prolipherated Unto Hemophobia.
8- Melena.
9- Parnassian Cacoepy.
10- Twisted Truth.

Bloodsoaked – The Death Of Hope (2011)

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Buen álbum.
01. Lies
02. Forever Damned
03. Infestation
04. No God
05. Consume The Flesh
06. The Death Of Hope
07. Mauled
08. Wading The Blood Pools
09. Obsessed With Hate
10. Grinding Your Guts

Nasty Pig Dick – Flesh For The Worms EP (2011)

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Banda mexicana que toca un Grindcore/Brutal Death piola.
1. Infested By Worms
2. Juicy Juice Of Bowels
3. One Minute Cuming On You
4. Flesh On My Chainsaw
5. Splatter Torso On My Cock

In Torment – Paradoxical Visions Of Emptiness (2010)

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1. The Flesh And The Spirit
2. Illogical Revelations
3. Labyrinth Of Depravity
4. Elements Of Sadistic Cruelty
5. Smashed Into Oblivion
6. Beyond The Consciousness
7. Paradoxical Visions Of Emptiness
8. Homicidal Cognitive States
9. Timeless Murderer

Charnier – Humanicide (2011)

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Banda francesa de Death Metal potente. No se por qué, pero escucho mucha música de Francia.
01. L’Exode des Dieux (Intro) 
02. L’Aube Purificatrice 
03. Éradication Massive 
04. Haineux 
05. Démence 
06. Du Sang pour Yog-Sothoth 
07. Ithaqua 
08. Le Seigneur des Abysses 
09. Pourfendeurs de Dieux
10. Carnage aux Portes des Cieux 
11. Charnier

Calm Hatchery – Sacrilege Of Humanity (2010)

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Brutal Death Técnico de Polonia al mundo.
01. Rattlesnake’s Dream (Instrumental)
02. Sea Of Truth
03. Messerschmitt
04. We Are The Universe
05. Mirror Giants
06. Hymn Of The Forgotten
07. Them
08. Lost In The Sands
09. Those Who Were
10. Shine For The Chosen One
11. The Blood Of Stalingrad