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Genre: Alternative Metal/Ragga-Metal/Ragga’n’Metal
Country: Germany
Active: 2001-2006
Label: ¿¿??
Line Up
*Mucho – Drums
*Gonzales – Bass
*Andy Koa – voc, programming
*Dragoon – Ragga voices
*El’ Presidente – guitar

*Gap van Badger – guitar

One thing is already sure, ANODYNE-29 is a brooding band from the German Underground, which could soon keep up with exceptional bands like (hed) PLANET EARTH or SKINDRED. The band describes their music as “Ragga Infected Metal” which hits the nail on its head and they can convince with much diversity and playing. The opening crusher “Sowin’ Pain” already sets the tone and shines with much heaviness and power, on the other side, you can always make out the fun, ANODYNE-29 had on the recordings. The subtly infused Reggae passages suit perfectly to the entire picture and they sound never affected. The same goes for the following song “Phoenix”, which is accessible through the variable singing of the two singers Andy Koa (reminds me often of Peter Steele or Glenn Danzig) and Finga. Musically, it’s always pressuring and the instrumentation has always some nice ideas to support the two frontmen. “Release Me” is great as well and it’s followed by the ear candy ”Love On The Table”. Exactly this song is an absolute highlight and should serve for some great live atmosphere. ANODYNE-29 manage it, to create their music quite hard but always danceable. Who doesn’t believe, should listen to songs like “Torture” or “Burn My Love” and then you can judge for yourself. They can keep up this level in these two songs, too and although the Nu-Metal scene is more and more decreasing, this band will definitively make its way. Due to the long-year experiences of the individual members, “Phoenix” got a really matured record, which should open some doors for the Germans. As bonus, you get a well made Video CD with three visually arranged songs of this mini album. The packaging is also great, so I can this absolutely recommend. Now interested? Then you should not wait longer but use the link above to the band homepage and order you a copy of their album before there will be the day, you realize, you have passed something. (Online August 18, 2004)

Phoenix (CD) & Unreleased (2003)

01 Sowin’ Pain
02 Phoenix
03 Release Me
04 Love On The Table
05 Torture
06 Burn My Love
01 – Headshot
02 – Imposter
03 – Queen Of Mars


Maximum Pleasure (CDS) 2005

01 Maximum Pleasure
02 Love On The Table (L.I.A.D.S. Mix)
03 Maximum Pleasure (Dream-On Acoustix-Mix)
04 Maximum Pleasure (Radio-Edit)