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Abscess – Seminal Vampires and Maggot Men

Posted in -Death Metal, Abscess on 4 enero, 2011 by sonidoszero
Banda underground de Death Metal con toques Punk Old School y Grindcore. Vale la pena bajarlos, son la raja.
01. Naked Freak Show 
02. Freak Fuck Fest (Naked Freak Show II: Orgy of the Gaffed) 
03. Patient Zero 
04. Zombie Ward 
05. Mud 
06. Stiff and Ditched 
07. Fatfire 
08. I Don’t Give a Fuck 
09. Burn, Die and Fucking Fry 
10. Global Doom 
11. Removing The Leech 
12. Pinworms 
13. Gonna Mow You Down 
14. Disgruntled 
15. Tunnel of Horrors 
16. Worm Sty Infection 
17. Dirty Little Brats 
18. The Scent of Shit